How To Make Paper Lanterns Easily

Paper lanterns are some of the best and prettiest crafts that are sought after by people all around the world. Their eye-warming lights and pleasant colours bring nostalgic memories to many. These paper crafts are easy to make. The first step is to have an idea of what kind of paper lantern you are going to design, what colour the lantern is to be and its size and shape. Once these things are decided you can get down to business with how to make paper lanterns.With the design figured out, you can go ahead and gather the materials needed to build your design.

How To Make Paper Lanterns

There are several pre-requisites that need to be either bought or found before starting to learn how to make paper lanterns. Intricate lanterns may need a lot of materials. But a simple one can be made at home without stepping out of your door. The objects needed are scissors, paper, a cutter, coloured tape, a candle, a battery and several other items. Once these items have been assembled we can begin making the paper lantern. These lanterns fill the room in which they are placed with bright light making the room more beautiful than it really is.


The following steps will allow you to create a paper lantern:

1. Take a rectangular piece of paper and fold it along its length. Unfold the paper and trim a narrow strip off it at the end. This will serve as the handle for the lantern.

2. Now fold the paper in half making it long and thin.

3. Draw a faint line on the paper at the region where it is folded. This is the line on which you are supposed to cut to make the lantern.

4. Make a series of cuts on the line making sure they are evenly placed. Do not cut at the edges and leave at least a one-inch gap from the edges.How To Make Paper Lanterns

After the cutting is complete, unfold the paper and roll the lantern into a cylinder. The short edges that were left alone are now to be either taped or stapled. Once this is completed, the narrow strip that was cut in the initial stages can now be attached to the edges to make the handle of the lantern.How To Make Paper Lanterns Within minutes your paper lantern is complete. How to make paper lanterns can be further improved in many ways, as this is just the basic model of a paper lantern. There are several other types of paper lantern made of different materials which are used for other purposes.

These lanterns can be made to look much more beautiful by using several other items that will attract interest. Using sequins and other fancy materials can achieve this. The lanterns can be hung on the walls using wall hangers or strung across a room using a string. When several lanterns are to be hung around the house this method of using a string to hang them at the same place will prove much more effective in terms of attraction. With a little extra effort you can add handles to your lanterns making it much easier to hang them up.

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