How To Make Paper Lanterns

Learn and Enjoy How To Make Paper Lanterns

how to make paper lanternsDo you want to learn how to make paper lanterns? Making paper lanterns is a fun and exciting craft project, and one the whole family can enjoy. It’s also a great way to decorate for an event, party, and even your home or deck. Creating these beautiful lanterns is easy and takes very little time, but produces a unique and interesting look that you simply cannot get any other way.

Before you start making these lanterns, it is interesting to know that they are a part of common festivals in Japan and China, and that in Chinatowns around the world, businesses hang paper lanterns, often making these lanterns themselves, to attract attention for their businesses. So you can see that the tradition of these lanterns is extremely popular.

The popular styles of lanterns in Japan include the bonbari and ch?chin. In Japan, the creators of these lanterns use a special lettering style called ch?chin moji to write on the lanterns, which was originally used for advertising. As you can see, creating these lanterns can be a very complex thing, and is not merely a craft in some parts of the world.

Different Types of Paper Lanterns

how to make paper lanterns roundIn China, how to make paper lanterns is very complex, and there are several styles of paper lanterns.

The first is called “Baby’s Bottom.” These little lanterns, which are miniature, are most often used as Christmas tree ornaments trees for those who celebrate the Christmas season.

Another popular lantern in China is called the, “Rolling Paper” and they are tall and cylindrical. These are similar to lanterns made in America.

When we think of paper lanterns, the Chinese “Tomato Light” is the most common, traditional round lantern.

In China, “Crystal Magic” lanterns  are more complicated and require a certain artistry in order to make them because they are lanterns composed of various geometric shapes and must be delicately pieced together using bamboo.

When it comes to these Chinese lanterns, “Buddha’s Gastronomy” is absolutely the masterpiece of all lanterns. These are grandiose and complex globes displayed and shown off during the most important festivals.

But there are other types of paper lanterns very complicated to sort out.

For instance, the “Red Lantern” is the most popular, because red means happiness in Chinese culture and during ancient imperial China red meant China.

In China today, paper lanterns are important during New Year’s, weddings and business openings.

A “festive lantern” is a lantern of patterned paper; these are very popular during the Lantern Festival. And making a “Name” lantern simply means painting a lantern with the owner’s name on it.

While we think of Asia when we consider these types of lanterns, there are still a lot of people who make these lanterns in the West as well. The luminaria is a good example of this, as the luminara comes from Mexico and the American Southwest.

how to make paper lanterns luminariaLuminarias are paper bags filled with sand and include a votive candle inside. After dusk, you can see streets and driveways throughout Mexico and the Southwest lined with luminarias, making lanterns a distinct Western tradition as well.

And Europe gets in on the act as well. In Florence, Italy they have many festivals where they use these lanterns. You will find kids carrying these colorful lanterns throughout the roads of the city.

Now that you understand some of the different types of paper lanterns, let’s get into the details of how to make paper lanterns.

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