How to Make Floating Lanterns

How to Make Floating Lanterns

How to make floating lanterns, you’ll need plain or translucent paper such as YUPO paper, glue, coloring materials, scissors, battery operated candles, tape, and some sand or pebbles.

How to Make Floating LanternsBasically, to make floating lanterns, one should have a waterproof and sturdy floating base. Styrofoam is strongly discouraged since piles of these can clog rivers and clean up may take several days. Biodegradable materials such as a YUPO synthetic paper can be safely used as the base and paper chute of your paper lantern. YUPO synthetic papers are waterproof, 100% tree-free and are available in translucent grades.

To make floating lanterns, plan your desired paper lantern shape. Cylinders are easiest to make. To create a square lantern, make a ½” crease on the short side of the YUPO paper or any plain paper you would like to use. Then, fold the sheet in half and fold both ends to the center crease. Next, decorate the paper with coloring materials while it’s laid on a flat surface. For square lanterns, it would be best to decorate each side, rather than decorating it as one full paper. It would be best to use permanent markers or colors that won’t easily be wiped off with water. If you’re going to use YUPO paper to make floating lanterns, be sure to let it fully dry first before proceeding to the next step. You can also create cut out shapes on the sides to make it more personalized. Be creative

steps on How to Make Floating LanternsNext, fold or roll your paper lantern and glue the edges together how to make floating lanterns. For the base, cut four sheets of YUPO paper. Make sure to make a nice wide base for your lantern. Pile up your lantern base and make a ½” crease on the sides of the base then pinch the corners of the base inward. Secure the lantern with a transparent tape. Put a few pebbles or sand inside your lantern so that it won’t be easily tipped off by the wind. Put the battery operated candle in the center inside the paper chute. You can add a handle to the lantern by punching a hole on either side and putting a piece of wire through the hole. You can now enjoy your floating lantern.

It is easy how  to make floating lanterns and it can be a great group activity for school or any celebration. Your guests or students will surely enjoy and remember your floating lanterns activity.

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