How To Make Chinese Lanterns

How to Make Chinese Lanterns The Easiest Way

Here is how to make Chinese lanterns for your next party or other celebration. These paper lanterns make wonderful decors for a wide variety of occasions and learning how to make Chinese lanterns can save you money while allowing you to exercise your creativity. Follow these steps:

  1. How To Make Chinese LanternsThe first step in how to make Chinese lanterns is to decide how large you want the lanterns to be. Chinese lanterns are made from roughly rectangular pieces of paper or thin cardboard. You might want to practice with sheets of bond paper first.
  2. Fold the paper you’re going to use in half lengthwise. Then make widthwise cuts across the length of the paper, leaving an allowance where the edges will be pasted together. To ensure that the cuts are equally spaced, you might want to draw lines on the paper first before cutting. Make sure that you leave a large margin on the opposite side of the paper, since these will serve as the ends of the lantern.
  3. Once you’ve made the cuts, the next step is to unfold the paper. Roll the paper into a cylinder and glue or tape the short ends together and the lantern is complete.
  4. Make a handle for your lantern. You can do this by cutting a strip of paper that you can stick on the end of the lantern, or use a piece of string that you will lace through holes on either side.
  5. steps in How To Make Chinese LanternsHang your lantern from the ceiling.
  6. Make various styles of Chinese lantern by experimenting with different sizes and patterns of paper.
  7. One last tip on how to make Chinese lanterns: add “flames” to the inside of the lantern by taping strips of red and orange crepe paper to the inside of the lantern, and then put small LED lights inside the lantern to illuminate it and complete the effect.

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