How To Hang Paper Lanterns

How To Hang Paper Lanterns properlyHere is how to hang paper lanterns from your ceiling so that you can create a unique décor for your next party. The first step in how to hang paper lanterns is to decide how far you want them to dangle from the ceiling since this will determine the length of your hanging line.  The hanging line can be monofilament fishing line that will look invisible and give the illusion that the paper lantern is floating in mid-air or satin ribbons that will glow in the light. Keep in mind that the paper lanterns should not be hanging too low and must be beyond the arm’s length reach of your guests in order to prevent them from being a nuisance.

The next step in how to hang paper lanterns is to cut a piece of fishing line or string to the required length of your hanging line, plus some allowance for tying the line. Form the hanging line into a loop and tie off from the hook. Then you can suspend them from the ceiling using cup hooks that you’ve screwed in beforehand or by inserting the loop over a thumbtack.

How To Hang Paper LanternsAn alternate method of how to hang paper lanterns is to tie a clothesline from one end of the ceiling to the next and then suspend the lanterns from it. You can even knot the hanging loops of the paper lantern to the clothesline to keep them stationary and prevent them from sliding on the line. But remember that this line should not hang too low so that the heads of your guests won’t hit the lanterns.

One last tip in how to hang paper lanterns is to decide how to group them; you can suspend them in a line or experiment with various groupings as well as adding tiny battery-powered LED lights to illuminate the lanterns.

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