Decorating with Paper Lanterns

Ideas on Decorating with Paper LanternsDecorating with Paper Lanterns

Are you planning for a special event but can’t seem to find the perfect decoration? Do you want something colorful and classy but not expensive? Why not try decorating with paper lanterns?

Decorating with paper lanterns is not only for Asian homes. It goes well in any of your homes and in any special occasion. It adds color and creativity to any space and they are generally inexpensive. Storing them is easy as a breeze because they can be easily folded.

Do you want an ethereal feel for your occasion? Decorating with paper lanterns can give off that magical ambience. You can hang paper lanterns at varying heights from the ceiling, or on trees and bushes. With its different colors and soft glow, these paper lanterns would look like floating bubbles that would definitely attract the attention of your guests. The more paper lanterns you use, the lovelier it would look. Also, you can mix up sizes and shapes for variety.

Do you want to cover only a certain area of your ceiling, like the center stage of the dance floor? Then, you’ll never go wrong on decorating with paper lanterns. Grouping them like a bunch of grapes adds impact and is easier to install compared to covering your whole ceiling.

Decorating with Paper Lanterns designDo you have unsightly stains or do you just want to cover up your walls? An easy solution is by decorating with paper lanterns. String your paper lanterns together using a monofilament fishing line. They would look like a string of pearls. You can now hang these paper lanterns to achieve that curtain-like effect.

Got a romantic date but tired of using plain, old candles to light up your evening? Then try decorating with paper lanterns. Put small paper lanterns on your doorway. They would surely look like stars to your date. Just make sure to turn off a few lights to make them visible. You can also use paper lanterns as a center piece for your table.


Ideas on decorating with paper lanterns are truly endless! Using them will mark a memorable event and guests will definitely compliment you.

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